Goat Rodeo.

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Common Questions
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Don't be too shy to ask us the uncommon ones too.
Why is it called Goat Rodeo?

The name comes from a slang term. A goat rodeo is when you are being sent out on a mission everyone knows will fail miserably, but it will be awfully funny to see just how badly it backfires. When we were thinking about what or how to name this company, nothing could have felt more apt in the podcasting industry at the time. Almost a decade later, we're so glad to be on this goat rodeo.

What kind of shows do you make?

Any kind of show. If you pressed us for an answer we would say we have two core competencies in the kinds of shows we produce: Unscripted Production Design/Showrunning & Non Fiction Limited Series Development. We take the ambitious and difficult series to develop in audio and turn them into compelling, sustainable, projects.

How do you make your shows?

It depends. Often we make original series in collaboration with partners but we also produce and release our own work. You can think of Goat Rodeo as a two way street. We always want to work with exciting teams to make exciting work.

What do you cost?

Less than you probably are thinking but that's not really the point. Our development is centered on building projects that actually can achieve the ambition set out for a series. You've likely seen or heard about the $600,000 limited narrative series or unsustainable mega deal chat shows. That is not our comfort level. We optimize for long term partnerships that reduce cost over time not pitches that take the money and run. We to be the kind of org to celebrate wrap parties for our 5th show with a partner not slip out the back having taken the budget with us.

Can I pitch you my show?

Always. We always want to hear about work others are making in this space. Not every show is a perfect fit for Goat Rodeo, but talking audio projects is what we love to do. Don't be a stranger.

WHat Makes our Audio Better?


Our industry has been developing high level audio for decades. Its all too common to see projects start with grand ambitions only to run into hurdles, overruns, and delays.


Great does not mean expensive and expensive does mean great. We design projects that thrive because of the ambition we bring to everything we do.

Design Focus

Effective audio units need more than just creative energy, they need competency, problem solving, and strategic thinking. Audio first design is our core.

Our Core



We are a team of storytellers and reporters. We hone vision and make audio that has no business being as good as it is.


Quality = Vision + Discipline. To achieve the real results being offered in audio you need a process that brings production to reality.


To make impactful work you need impactful design. Your work needs to feel intentional. We bring design thinking to elevate our audio.

The tEam

Ian Enright


Megan Nadolski


Rebecca Seidel

Senior Creative Producer

Isabelle Kerby-McGowan

Creative Producer

Jay Venables

Creative Producer

Cara Shillenn

Manager of Unscripted Content

Max Johnston

Senior Creative Producer

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