About the Position:

We’re seeking an audio producer and editor to join Goat
Rodeo’s podcasting team. The position involves immersion in all aspects of production, including creative development and content strategy. Our ideal candidate is an avid listener, capable of enjoying and editing shows in a number of formats, from one-on-one interviews to round table conversations to well-crafted audio narratives. You should be gifted at the art of making arresting audio, skilled at conceiving how to construct a concept, industry, or idea into a compelling audio show. You should have an interest in understanding our listening audience through creative strategy, experimenting in audio content, and design thinking. Most of all, you should understand audio storytelling and bring those strengths into Goat Rodeo.



  • Provide high-level creative direction on podcast, series, and concepts

  • Work with Goat Rodeo team conceive and execute audio campaigns and podcasts

  • Plan and produce episodes from top to bottom, from booking guests to to editing scripts

  • Work on all aspects of audio production as necessary, including recording, editing, and distribution

  • Support producers in assisting production staff and contractors