2020 SLATE

The following projects in our slate are the stories that we are telling in the
following year. Some have been sitting in our notebooks for awhile now, some just cropped up in the last few weeks, but all are ideas that we find compelling.
We’re flattening the nation’s capital and rebuilding it, going behind the closed doors where the biggest decisions are being made, considering the current state of our military, bringing DC sports fans inside their favorite team and investigating one of the most serious pollution problems the world has ever faced.

Our 2020 slate is made of stories we’ve found in the places where others aren’t looking, and these stories are the ones we can’t wait to share. Goat Rodeo is open to and currently seeking to develop these series in partnership with audio content distributors , organization, and brands.


Unsustainable is an investigative audio series that explores the presence of dangerous PFAS chemicals in our world today. This podcast uncovers a deep narrative involving corporate coverups, legislative failure, and the poisoning of the American population.

Unsustainable aims to examine the concrete effects of PFAS, from health hazards to global pollution. But the show will push further than that, giving listeners the chance to reflect on what personal implications exist, how listeners themselves have been exposed to these chemicals, how they have unknowingly played into the problem, and what that means for the “green” movement overall.

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The Room Where It Happened

The Room Where It Happened is an audio series that explores key policy decisions of the last 30 years, as told by the politicians, policy advisors and bureaucrats who made them. This long-form audio piece will explore moments in recent history like Syria’s Red Line, the implementation of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the financial collapse, and the first Gulf War. Each episode will explore a single event and bring listeners into the room where big decisions went down. Told through first-person interviews, newsreel, and narration, “The Room Where It Happened” is a unique look at the ways we think about the crucial moments in policy, politics, and history.

Listen to an early concept:

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This is a great place to add a tagline.

In Washington D.C across the office buildings, metro cars, city streets, universities, and bars are thousands of the most interesting and diverse voices in the world. What would happen if you plucked them from their worlds and placed them into an intimate setting. This is a series to explore the simple concept of people coming together.

Each episode brings four guests from across the spectrum of D.C. from writers and academics to journalists and leaders.

Hosted by world renowned mixologist Derek Brown, and recorded in D.C's famed Columbia Room, the 2017 Spirited Award winning "Best American Cocktail Bar", Loggerheads is a show combines storytelling, conversation, and spirits.


Earmarks is an audio podcast series that breakdowns the headlines, untapped stories, and trends across state and local legislatures and policy.

Earmarks brings you digestible and easy to understand legislative news you can follow and enjoy. We’ll break down the trends and top stories emanating from state legislatures on policy and politics to help keep you informed about the news that affects finances, decisions, and our everyday lives. Our biweekly podcast breaks down the news in 15 minutes to give listeners the need-to-know stories happening in state and local bodies across the United States.


Cadence is a program to breathe life into the multitude of narratives that focus on our military servicemen and women. Too often, these stories are told from a perspective that is far removed from the people involved. By allowing veterans, military spouses, battalion commanders, and others to share their stories, listeners will realize that the decisions made by the U.S. Government affect people intimately and profoundly. As Americans, we have done a great job of demonstrating our gratitude by waving our caps at ballgames, but we are missing a true understanding of what service means.

From the Ground Up

What if we took Washington D.C., flattened it, and built the entire city from the ground up? From The Ground Up is an audio series that redesigns our nation’s capital one episode at a time and explores the vision of modern cities in the 21st Century.


Using modern design theory, cutting edge technology and input from top thinkers on cities, From the Ground Up will incorporate the leading thoughts on design to get listeners to think aspirationally about cities, community, and our future.

There's Always Next Year

There’s Always Next Year tells the stories of the men and women who, year after year, laugh in the face of statistics, history, and data and cling to the stories we tell ourselves about sports. Following the fan base of the DC area, the show will follow in-depth stories of the individuals who are using their fandom for hope and magical thinking, in a world increasingly driven by data. Each episode follows a story about an individual and their personal relationship with the teams they love so much, juxtaposed with the same stories told through data and history. There’s Always Next Year will bridge data and destiny through the powerful storytelling.



The Venture

It is difficult to convey the reasons why you would want start a new outdoor activity. There are huge hurdles to overcome: the time and energy you need to educate yourself, the difficulty of finding the right gear, the intimidation of staring at a wall of hiking boots, the investment to buy the gear, and the learning curve to begin enjoying the activity.

This is an audio series that puts listeners into activities. They will feel the scale of a 14er, the flow-state leading to the next hold, the bond with your dog as you hit mile 8 on your trail run, the camaraderie of a campsite. By creating an immersive audio experience that brings the listener into the scene, we acknowledge them and speak directly to them.

AND More Series to Come....

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