Real conversations aren't boring.

The Goat Rodeo Podcast brings together guests over drinks in the heart of DC. The topic of conversation? Whatever comes up. It takes a brave guest to break bread and mix spirits with those outside normal social circles and strata. We believe that ideas are made better when clashed. That stories are better when shared. And that alcohol tastes better with friends. The Goat Rodeo Podcast is what happens when the talk show comes to the bar.

The program is hosted by Goat Rodeo CEO and co-founder, Ian Enright, a connoisseur of the soapbox and purveyor of the outlandish. Under his totally unvetted stewardship, The Goat Rodeo will start back down the forgotten path of real conversation. The drinks will pour and friendships will forge as the show starts where most shows stop. 

Episode 0: In Conversation w/ Rep. Mike Honda