What We do:


At Goat Rodeo, we are experts in translating our clients' voices and identities to compelling audio content. In addition to Goat Rodeo’s in-house audio network, we specialize in empowering organizations to tell their stories and leverage audio content to engage in new ways with their audiences.

From day long trainings to full-scale creative development, Goat Rodeo's Creative Team can bring unparalleled storytelling and audio content strategy to the forefront of your organization. Grow your voice, recharge your brand, and get inspired by audio.


What we offer:


Talks & Workshops

Bring Goat Rodeo to your organization. We host custom, tailored workshops on the power of audio, how to interview, audio technology, branding strategy - or a mix of everything!


Creative Consulting

Have an idea for a podcast or audio series that needs some development? Have a story, but don't understand the technology? Need someone on retainer for advising and planning?

Our team is happy to lead the discussion, discovery, and development for your organization's foray into audio.


Production & Editing

Work with some of the best audio editors and producers in the industry to bring your campaign to life. Our audio tech team can handle editorial changes, soundscape development, narrative styling, and long-term technological production.


Full-Scale Creative Development

Just want it all?

Well, we do that too. Let us help you create, produce, distribute, and manage a full blown audio campaign.


What can great audio do for you?


HELP Tap into AUDIENCE Engagement

Goat Rodeo designs and optimizes for audio-focused content creation. Our Creative Team provides authentic, brand-specific storytelling through fully digitized audio platforms. Goat Rodeo projects are more than just “podcasts” . Goat Rodeo develops comprehensive campaigns that pull together components of brand development, audience analysis, and future marketing efforts to ensure that the finished product engages target audiences in a way not seen before by organizations.


Bring Authentic Storytelling To YOUR BRAND

We believe in bringing authenticity back to industry media. Our company’s consulting work focuses on humanizing not only the subject matter, but the storytellers themselves. In this regard, the current project will not be a “one-off” podcast for the client, but instead will serve as the groundwork for a long-term strategy to bring emotion, clarity, and strategic brand development to the entirety of our client’s campaign. With the introduction of an audio campaign, your organization will be at the forefront of a new wave of content-powered impact.


TranslatE Your Organization's Story

We are experts in translating our clients voice and identity to audio content. We specialize in telling stories that are engaging in their earnestness and valued to its audience. The modern audience is hyper aware of the insincere. In all aspects of production, our team puts deep emphasis on authentic storytelling to bring our audiences more than stylized advertising copy. We create original audio content that stands on its own.


Get HANDS-ON Training

Despite being a platform in high demand, audio remains misunderstood and underutilized by organizations. Our team provides interactive and hands-on training to our clients in a way that leaves a lasting infrastructure of implementation. Empowering our clients through training is key distinction in Goat Rodeo’s value to our partners. From what makes a compelling podcast to creative ways to use audio to reach target audiences - our workshops, talks, and creative development empower our clients to leverage audio content with real impact.


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