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8.30.16 DC News You Can (Maybe) Use

WHEREIN: We bring you the developments (happening in and around D.C.) that we think are newsworthy, or, at the very least, almost newsworthy. DC has a new podcast network.

8.29.16 Welcome To The Goat Rodeo, D.C.'s Independent Podcast Network

"In the so-called 'golden age of audio' storytellers, entrepreneurs, and audiophiles alike are clamoring to get their podcasts into the earbuds of every millennial. Enter The Goat Rodeo: the District’s very own podcast network.

Their first three podcasts Between the Liner Notes, Your Story Here, and Revivalism represent a new wave of locally focused podcasting that is standing up to giants like Radiotopia and Gimlet. And the network is set to expand its lineup with three additional podcasts..."

8.8.16 Five Podcasts to Play Along with the Olympics this Week

This week, cue up these podcasts for the audio diaries of Claressa Shields, who won the first women’s gold medal for middleweight boxing in 2012 at 16 years old, and a lively debate over how much teen Tumblrs and tweets will matter when a generation who grew up with social media runs for office. That’s not all—your commute can also include the family legacy of traveling salesmen, 3,000 self-righteous beatniks, and an opera about urban planning activist Jane Jacobs.


"In an age when the Internet is bursting at its virtual seams with inane garbage, here comes Goat Rodeo DC to scour every crack and crevice across this nation via Revivalism to show that beauty can be found anywhere, whether in a quiet college town or at a New Orleans rockpile."

"Calling Revivalism a 'podcas'” seems almost vulgar.  I suppose it is true, in the same way that Don Quixote and Jose Canseco’s autobiography are both 'books'."


"The first episode I listened to of Between the Liner Notes was "God Bless Tiny Tim". I remember as a child listening to Tiny Tim sing "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" on Laugh-In but I didn't know much about him. The depth you went into with his life story was really fascinating and ultimately moving."


"If you’re walking through the streets of D.C. or standing on a Metro platform, you might be listening to a podcast or passing someone who is. With digital audio shows increasing in popularity and production, Kojo explores three new projects based in Washington –and what they each have to offer fans in this region."


"Between the Liner Notes has been nominated for the Newhouse Mirror Awards for "Best Single Story – Radio, Television, Cable or Online Broadcast Media" for his fantastic episode entitled "I Want My MTV."  Matthew Billy's work is up against industry giants the likes of CNN's Brian Stelter and the Retro Report.


"Since Serial catapulted podcasting into the mainstream, more people than ever are trying to enter the field. That’s where Goat Rodeo comes in. It’s a new DC podcast collective trying to wrest a piece of the audio storytelling market away from public media. To do that, they’re bringing on independent hosts and providing them with the tools, platform, and audience to make a show. If you have an idea for a locally focused podcast, Goat Rodeo wants to be the first place you’ll go. "

3.18.2016 The Weekly Standout

"I heard a short teaser for the show late last week and knew it'd be something I'd love. The first episode did not disappoint. In the opening minute, host and producer Lizzie Peabody says, "I first started interviewing strangers after a couple of decades of being told not to talk to them ... This show is about sharing some of the conversations that I've had. Now they're yours too." She features three interviews in Check Your Mirrors: one with a book-loving bike messenger, one with her wise ninety-two-year-old grandmother, and one with a kind Ghanaian family-man. All three of them have incredible stories to share, and I loved hearing them in this great episode. If you haven't listened to it yet, I'd highly recommend checking it out asap."

9.30.2015 What It’s Like to Start a Podcast Network (when you aren’t Gimlet): An Interview with Goat Rodeo DC

"And, a lot of people are getting in on the action and making their own shows. Alex Blumberg famously chronicled the founding of his podcast network—Gimlet Media—with a podcast. Of course. If you don’t know about that, check out season 1 of Startup from Gimlet. It’s really good. But, let’s face it: it’s easier to start a podcast or a whole network if you’ve worked on This American Life and Planet Money. For most people, it doesn’t go like it did for Gimlet.

In an Audiologue exlcusive, I sat down with Ian Enright and Carlie Sargent, the founders of a brand new podcast network called Goat Rodeo. We met in their kitchen and talked about their upcoming shows, faking it until you make it, and the start up lifestyle. It was awesome."

10.2.15 The 20 in Their 20s of Podcasting

"If we are giving out points for ambition, and we are, what Ian and Carlisle are building with Goat Rodeo certainly takes the cake. They are brand new to the audio world, but are already launching a network with some untried ideas, along with a cavalcade of unique programs."

10.7.2015 Small is Beautiful: Local Podcast Network Industry's Latest Hope

“The idea of ‘local’ is going away on the terrestrial side of audio,” said Goat Rodeo CEO Ian Enright. “This push to monetize has forced everyone to homogenize in some way. In the podcasting ecosystem, you need local newspapers as much as you need The Washington Post.”

10.2.2015 Going All In On Meaningful Conversation with Goat Rodeo: Episode 194

"Ian Enright and Carlisle Sargent went all-in on the launch of their entrepreneurial venture, Goat Rodeo; the first Washington, DC based podcast network. They believe careful curation of a long-form audio format can bring back meaningful conversations to a fast-paced, list-filled media. The foundation for their network's vision is centered on authenticity."

7.25.2015 Planes, Trains, and aquisitions

"So this is interesting: Apparently, a "podcast indie label" is a thing that exists now, courtesy of something called Goat Rodeo DC and its CEO, Ian Enright. He makes his case on Medium (where else? should've made a podcast episode instead), and it's compelling in parts."

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