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This is audio for a connected generation.


The world of audio is in its second renaissance, and we are facing a pivotal transition: either rely on major networks to feed listeners content on demand, or make better content. No longer is podcasting just for hobbyists, self-promoters, and technical broadcasters. The audio market is for anyone who demands high quality, informative, on-demand entertainment.

The audio market is for you. Welcome to the Rodeo.

Goat Rodeo Presents: audio matters

What Is It? A personalized, bookable, on-site class taught by the Goat Rodeo Creative Team for creative storytelling and developing an meaningful audio campaign.

Why Do I Need It? To help your organization leverage audio as a new way to tell your story.

When Is It? Whenever you want. We will find a time and date that will work at the location of your choice.

The Rodeo in action.