Real stories from a real storyteller

Unsurprisingly, Dispatches is a podcast about storytelling. We believe that a good narrative has the power to unveil truths otherwise hidden. Dispatches was born from the mind of host Morgan Givens, a prolific storyteller and performer based in Washington DC. By exploring the intricacies of identity, culture, and the sometimes complicated nature of real human interaction, Dispatches combines the wonder of words and the power of meaning to transform the minds and spirits of everyone in the audiences.

Are you using your voice to its greatest potential? What has been left unsaid?

Listen to why so many are calling Dispatches their favorite new podcast of 2017.


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EP 1: Smarts

EP 2: Space

EP 3: Promises

EP 4: Sight

EP 5: Belonging

EP 6: Dating

EP 7: Soldier

EP 8: Light

EP 9: Hands