Episode 1: Inside The Beltway

Do you have a story to tell?

DC Diary is a live audio event in Washington, DC that began in Fall 2016. DC Diary is also a podcast launching with the Goat Rodeo network in Spring 2017. The premise of the project is simple: You bring a story to share, and we bring the microphones. DC Diary will be an ongoing project, spanning fall and winter, and everyone is invited to participate in an experimental journey exploring anonymous, public, shameless storytelling.


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You’ve met the project. Now meet DC Diary host Stephanie Logan.


In your own words, what is DC Diary?

DC Diary facilitates relationships and stories that go beyond the business card. Every DC Diary Happy Hour, the Goat Rodeo sound booth will be ready and waiting to record your anonymous entry. 


Stories? What kind of stories?

Stories from the halls of federal buildings, war stories from the campaign trail, internship stories. All your stories. Come tell us how you came to be a “Washingtonian”, or the first time you had to ask yourself, "what the hell am I doing here?" We are open to everything.


Why a happy hour? (Not that there has to be a reason for a happy hour in DC).

Because wouldn’t it be nice to have an event where you loosen your tie or kick off those heels? Come share, drink, network, and just have a good time. See you there!


DC Diary: Come tell your story.