Goat Rodeo is anchored to authenticity. In our ideas, our production, and our storytelling, we are here produce content that resonates on a human level with our audience.


Our mission is simple. We are here to create, support, and distribute unique and authentic audio programming. To put it simply we’re here to make great audio.  In a world that needs authentic storytelling more than ever Goat Rodeo is creating the new road map for finding, developing, and empowering stories. Based in our nation’s capital, Goat Rodeo is leading the charge to create the modelfor independent audio networks. With our unique shows, talented storytellers, and passionate zeal for the power of audio, Goat Rodeo is building something never before seen in the audio world.

No longer is podcasting just for hobbyists, self-promoters, and technical broadcasters. There are new demands: for high production value, for quality crafted content, for bigger names. The floodgates of opportunity have opened in the world of audio entertainment. The way we look at long form content is changing. Modern audiences are watching less, but listening more than ever.  Democratized success and the infinite dial that internet has brought means creatives take on projects the world of radio never thought feasible. Users are no longer settling for anything short of on-demand entertainment. The hold that entrenched players andnetworks have over the content world is lessening by the minute. Mediums left and right are waking up to the growing on-demand content shift. The audio world continues to remain the most engaged and the most wide open. There is a very real opportunity in the world of podcasting.The old metrics for measuring content, impact, and impression are becoming irrelevant. It’s time organizations took advantage of that world. Goat Rodeo is planting a flag in that new landscape.